【鄭子太極拳】壽人以柔103歲  王建今老師 


沈大白教授中英雙語介紹 邱敏祥教練編輯

Cheng Man Ching’s Disciple: 王建今 (Wang Jianjin)

Brief Biography

Wang Jianjin was the honorary president of the Shr Jung(時中) Tai Chi School. He met Grand Master Chen Man Ching in Sichuan at the age of 35. He learned Taijiquan from the Grand Master. After coming to Taiwan, he practiced boxing day and night. Together, he established the Sino-American Cultural and Economic Association Taijiquan in Taipei in 45 years. Committee. In 1965, he served as the honorary chairman of the Taijiquan Association of the Republic of China. He is currently the most senior student among Zheng Zi’s students. He is 103 years old and can be sane in his later years. He served as the chief inspector of the Supreme Court’s Prosecutors Office.

He once said: “Incorruptibility is my first life”, and the most important thing is reputation and integrity. Although he holds a high-ranking official position, he requires all public property, even if the sweeps are not his own, family members will never be allowed to ride in his official car, and never accept requests from relatives and friends. Handling official affairs without interference from outsiders, independent exercise of power, and official affairs, without inconvenience. Set an example in everything, discipline yourself with strictness, treat others with lenient, and the golden mean is his principle of life. Require your children to be independent, not dependent on others, and rely on their own struggle. Be honest and frugal. If you are going out, don’t publicize “My father is Wang Jianjin.”

The three key points of health preservation are: a normal life, a natural diet, and constant fitness exercise. Life is simple, not picky about food, not smoking or drinking, it is often said that plain water is the best drink. Study calligraphy every day, exercise and write poetry to relieve work pressure.

Unique Experiance and inheritance

Studying Tai Chi should consider both theory and skills. Tai Chi is the Tao, and boxing is a technique. Tao for the body and technology for use, Tao-based technology for the end, the practice but not the technique, then fall in the emptiness, is disillusioned; It is not fundamental to practice without practice. Therefore, must do double studying, and then can get its big success. Further, this is the purpose of life, technology is only the way to achieve this goal. Therefore, the study of tai chi, we must study the principle of tai chi, the road of light in life, but also supplemented by strong longevity technology, so that the Tao and technology complement each other. In this way, the highest ideal of life can be achieved. Practicing tai chi must be based on three principles: (1) The principle of symmetry. The ups and downs of each action must be consistent with the air of Dantian, so that the gas in Dantian, line on the fingers, but still belong to Dantian. A breath, is one of the interest, interest is sent in Dantian, interest is attributed to Dantian. All rely on the force of symmetry to play its work. (2) The principle of balance. The operation of the action, must be complete and complete, there must be up and down, there must be left and right, there must be before and after, there must be inside, the end is put, broken and connected, no defects, no bumps. (3) The principle of circulation. Symmetry is the ontogeny of a yin and a yang. Balance is to make yin and yang get a moderate adjustment. Circulation is to make yin and yang moderately reconcile later to obtain eternal development. All three are ready, can be said to be yin and yang together, life is endless.

Tai Chi Fist and Meditation. Tai Chi is a movement for silence. Move and yang, quiet and yin, move and calm, then yin and yang. Sitting is a quiet movement, its yin and yang are all the same. Tai Chi fist has four kinds of large frame, middle frame, small frame and no frame. An unfed tai chi is a sit-in. Therefore, tai chi and sit-in, the same source, the same law. And the effect is the same. True kung fu practicers should practice boxing and sit-in parallel, can complement each other.


王建今  拳之因緣與鱗爪









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