The subtle effect of yin and yang must be sought in Taichi frame and push hand.

First of all, taking offense and defense as the ladder of the process, and use the two methods not to cross the body and function. The attacker is yang, and the defender is yin.

The offensive must not be forceful, and the defense must not be nervous. It is necessary to “defense must be solid and offense must be taken”, both of which come first from nature.

For example, if you lead, pluck, yield, and dilute, the ones that can distinguish the virtual and the real are used for keeping the yin, and then setting aside, hitting, distributing and discharging can be used at hand.

It’s about attacking for yang, and it needs to be distinguished.

The strong first is the defensive, the weak is the offensive, and the defender makes the attack to the left or the right and slightly pulls and plucks for the gain.

The attacker must rely on setting aside, getting close, distributing and discharging to follow the rule, but not let go of the void for gain.

TaiChiChuan must be divided into “one yin and one yang” as the Tao, and defensiveness is the first. If other way around, heaven and earth will be closed.

The earth and then the heaven are the best. Only if you can defend, you can attack. Now that you need to make progress, you must start from the defensive aspect. It is coordinating water and fire.

🤓感謝沈大白教授中英介紹,邱敏祥編輯。這兩篇鄭曼青宗師最後遺稿與談太極拳演講筆記, 遺稿是1975年3月16上午四時三十分鄭曼青宗師於寓所親筆,,同年同月26日鄭曼青先生逝世,相距不足十天。

鄭曼髯 乙卯春日



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